Personal & Finance Skills

Learning about personal finances, business, and key life skills should not be as painful as pulling teeth.

Resources To Help You

We exist to bring classes, content and product to help you achieve the goals you’ve had with ease.

Welcome To The New School

Levelling up personally and professionally is within reach. The old school is over, classes are back in session.

By the end of this Course you will:

Audit and review your finances like a PRO

Have a budget plan that works for you

Build habits from a life-changing financial routine

Financial future proofing:

FINALLY understand investments, the stock market, and how to GROW MONEY

Set yourself up for your future goals with our pensions bootcamp

Have the knowledge and confidence you've always wanted when it comes to your money

A snapshot of what you get:

8 video modules

20+ financial exercises

5 Bonus Q&A videos with our very own Patricia Bright


The Career Upgrade Guide


It's time to supercharge your career! Whether it's changing your role, increasing your pay, or taking the leap and starting something completely new, this product includes templates and guides to streamline the job hunting process. Our Kit will make climbing the career ladder a breeze. Use code FIRST1K for a discount (limited time only).

New On The Blog

The Break Blog is back and we couldn't be happier! Get ready for tips and adulting advice on money matters brought to you by experts, insiders, and members of the community.

Planning With Purpose

The Mind & Money Planner has landed and it's better than ever!

Ready to quash uncomfortable money talk? This planner is for you. Get ready to take charge of your finances (once and for all), commit to consistency across every aspect of life, and make moves that your future self will thank you for.

Covering a whole year of decision-making and intention-setting, our Mind & Money Planner is the #1 gift - either for you or someone you love!

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So helpful!

"I’m not great with saving and managing money so this has helped a bunch!"

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Perfect and I love the fact it is undated! I am the worst at wasting pages by forgetting to write in my planner!"

— Cupcakes

Glad I got mine!

"So glad I got mine though I knew it would sell out!"

— Anai

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