How To Secure That Promotion and Level Up In Your Career

Now that we’ve entered a new year, there's that lingering feeling of change in the air. Change is important, it's what enables us to grow, that’s what levelling up is all about, growth.  However, actually implementing that desire for change is difficult because we can become very complicit in our daily lives, fearing change and accepting our career for what it is and not what it could be. This sort of static attitude is what prevents people from growing in their career and being promoted. 

Being promoted at work can open you up to learn a whole range of skills, as well as that covetable higher salary. Let’s be real, doing the same thing every day can get a bit boring, that’s why we have to  ditch the complacency. We know change can be scary, that’s why I'm here to lay out some simple steps and key things to help you level up and secure that promotion.



  • When it comes to career success, relationships are an essential part of determining your career progression. Building relationships with people in higher positions is one of the best ways to level up, these close connections make people  more likely to recommend you for higher paying roles. Of course being best friends with your boss won’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed a promotion, but having a stable and closer relationship will mean your boss will notice your progress, having that relationship will establish the foundation for success. 

    A bad relationship with your boss can very easily make working a living hell, of course relationships are a two way street, but if you’re showing initiative to build a relationship then most people are going to respond positively. 

    Your boss has the ability to determine our progress within the company, therefore maintaining a healthy and solid relationship is important and there are simple ways to do this. Taking interest in the work your manager does and appreciating their work is a great way to initiate a connection. Appreciate your boss' work, put yourself in their shoes and let it be known you appreciate their guidance, a compliment never hurt anyone. 

    Alongside this, maintaining a positive attitude  with a persistent work ethic lets your boss know they’ve hired the right person. Good and clear communication is key to a healthy employee/employer relationship, sharing feedback and letting them know when you need support builds a mutual understanding of how you both work efficiently. This will lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship and will get you one step closer to that promotion.  



  • No matter what you do, you should always do it with pride and commitment. The work we produce is indicative of the kind of employee we are, so if you consistently produce high quality work, work that you can be proud of , then your boss is more likely to recommend you for a promotion. No one is perfect, and sometimes we make mistakes, that’s why it's important to always take accountability for your mistakes which shows you’re able to handle responsibility and the burdens that come with it. 

    No matter what level you’re at in your career, having a strong work ethic is valuable, it's an asset that your boss will appreciate because it makes you the ideal employee. A strong work ethic can look like anything from taking ownership of your work, your persistence with solving issues or your professionalism.  



  • Taking risks at work can be a very effective way into a promotion because it shows you’re taking initiative to develop out-of-the-box solutions whilst still reaching targets and hitting the company's goals. No matter what you do within your career, you must always remind yourself of your company's principles and keep them true to the work you produce. When it comes to taking risks, any employer is going to appreciate risks that pay off because it means you’ve gone above and beyond  your role. As long as your risk has aligned with your company's principles and ethics, you’ve exhibited your commitment to your company.

    This sort of innovation is something that managers love to see, it shows you don't need your hand held, and to be told when to do something. With this in mind, you have to accept  the possibility  that your risk may not pay off, that’s why the risk has to be calculated. Refinery29’s Christene Barberich is a prime example of someone who took calculated risks that paid off. In 2004, Christene was toying with the idea of  starting her own magazine, this was before social media really took off. A year later, she left her job at Condé Nast taking a huge financial risk, a risk that massively paid off. Her research in magazine construction, understanding of digital media and market knowledge made this risk smart as now the company is worth over four billion dollars. 

    This is a testament to the power of a good plan that will look at the risk, see if it's worth it and assess your chances of success. Ask people around you, gather resources and data to support your risk and hopefully you will reap the rewards. People who level up, do not level up by playing it safe.



  • Finally, and this may be obvious but it is one that most people neglect, you must always be transparent about your career aspirations.  if there is an opportunity for a promotion and you see it, be transparent with your desire to go for that role, that’s how your employer is going to know you’re keen. This transparency  relies on the established  relationship with your employer based on mutual trust and good communication.

     Simply expressing your interest in a role can do no harm, it establishes that you’re willing to put in the work to get this role and lets your boss know to look out for you. Transparency is key, don’t be afraid to express your desire,  showing your passion is an excellent indicator of a strong work ethic. Sometimes, betting on yourself is the only way we can unlock that pathway to progress.

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